Rights of the USER of this website!

TWA is administered by and is the property of RICK DEHIJO BEN-YAH TRUST, a foreign non-withholding ecclesiastical Grantor’s Trust. You may use the information on this site to learn about the TWA brand of ministry. You may not use the TWA brand for any work not associated with RICK DEHIJO BEN-YAH TRUST and its instrumentalities.

RICK DEHIJO BEN-YAH TRUST is a “Spiritual entity” overseen by a larger convention of ecclesiastical houses. Any harm done to the ecclesia is subject to the “higher power”.


Our simple privacy policy!

We NEVER SHARE any information with anyone that you share with us. We at TWA have a solid NON-DISCLOSURE approach to private property and information. This is the policy of Jesus Christ and we are proud to continue His legacy for His benefit.